Rhonda Skipper

Franklin County, Property Appraiser

"Carl is running for the office of Sheriff in the upcoming election. He is a member of various civic groups in our County and volunteers relentless hours here, making a positive contribution to our whole county. He is a Christian man with a huge love for his County. Carl has a long background in the criminal justice system and a dedication to see that it is carried out in a just and fair method. Just to sum it up, Carl Whaley is MY choice for our next Franklin County Sheriff."

Charlie Creel

Former Sheriff, Wakulla County

"I've had the pleasure of getting to know Carl throughout the years, Carl was a fantastic law-man and will be a great asset to Franklin County. Carl wrote the body cam grant, and has helped the Sheriff's Office in countless other ways. Carl is a class act and the citizens of Franklin County would be lucky to have a man like that as Sheriff."

Tony Millender

Carrabelle City Commissioner

"Carl has a proven track record, not only as a Law Enforcement officer but as a community leader. From the School Board to the Carrabelle Fire Department, in everything Carl does he brings honesty and integrity and will make a great Sheriff"