About Carl

I, Carlton Louie Whaley, hereby announce my Candidacy for the Office of Franklin County Sheriff 2020. It is important to know who I am and why I am asking for your confidence and your vote.

I am a husband to Dana Duncan-Whaley and father of our son, Duncan. Dana and I have been married for 20 years. Dana is an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse at Weems Medical Center and has provided medical services in Franklin County for years. Duncan is a proud Seahawk graduate, with plans to attend college in pursuit of a degree in architecture.

After 26 years of faithful service to the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office, I am now in retirement status as Major. I am currently employed as Project Manager for Duncan Home Construction, Inc. and continue to serve our community as Carrabelle Volunteer Fire Chief, Franklin County School Board District Five Member and Hunter Safety Instructor.

I was raised in a very loving, military and law enforcement family. My father is a decorated Veteran of 27 years who served during the Vietnam War and who then served for nearly 30 years as a Florida Marine Patrol Officer. My mother has been by my father’s side for 52 years and taught me to cherish our family, friends and home.

My roots run deep in Franklin County. I would like to serve as your next Franklin County Sheriff. I am asking for your support and vote.

If you have any questions or would like to volunteer with the campaign, please email me at whaleyforsheriff2020@gmail.com or call me at 850-370-6197.

Thank you for your support.


  • Over 25 Years In Law Enforcement
  • Carrabelle Fire Chief
  • Seafood Festival Board Of Directors
  • Franklin County School Board Member


  • Brandon Peters, Former Congressional Candidate
  • Rhonda Skipper, Franklin County Property Appraiser
  • Charlie Creel, Former Sheriff Wakulla County
  • Tony Millender, Carrabelle City Commissioner