About Carl

I, Carlton Whaley, will be on the ballot this fall seeking your vote for the office of sheriff of Franklin County.

I have served the Franklin County community for close to 30 years. My 26 years of service with the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office ended abruptly by retirement in 2018 when I was given an ultimatum by the current administration to retire or be fired. This ultimatum was in response to my affirmative response, when asked by a fellow employee, if I would be running for sheriff.

Through the years, I excelled as a communication’s officer, deputy sheriff, corrections deputy and training coordinator. My diverse experience included responsibilities in SWAT, marine unit, alcohol breath testing, school resource officer, communications director, training director and jail administrator.

I continue to serve on several community organizations, as Carrabelle’s volunteer fire chief, as Franklin County school board District 5 representative and as the Franklin County regional hunter safety instructor. My service with the fire department began 28 years ago as a volunteer firefighter in 1992, and I became chief in 2006. I am currently serving in my seventh year as an elected school board member. I have taught and helped hundreds of Franklin County citizens acquire their hunter safety certification.

My vision for the future of the sheriff’s office includes a commitment to reduce the soaring crime rate. According to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement’s Uniform Crime Report, there have been dramatic increases in the crime rate over the past few years. My vision will bring together federal, state and local law enforcement agencies to combat the increasing crime rate as well as the out-of-control drug problem. I am also interested in creating a community awareness committee to listen to citizen concerns from around the county. My plan will aggressively target those who are at the highest levels of the supply chain introducing illegal drugs to the community and will provide services and assistance to those who are in active addiction.

I also have plans to implement a youth involvement program in conjunction with the Franklin County schools to teach a broad range of life skills for success, as well as responsibility, leadership, community service and teamwork, and to instill ethical responsibility toward their peers and community.

I would also address the increased turnover rate of employees at the sheriff’s office. I will support an atmosphere where employees can efficiently perform their duties with job assurance despite differences in opinion. My plan will include training opportunities to build a strong team of knowledgeable and experienced personnel. This plan will include transparency, fiscal responsibility, and a budget to ensure that our taxes are managed, and wasteful spending is curbed. The current budget has exponentially increased, placing a higher burden on our decreasing tax base.

I will work diligently for you. I will respect each person’s rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I will support, protect, and defend the constitutions of Florida, the United States of America and All amendments. I will continue my service to our community without bias toward race, gender, religion, political views or financial status. A vote for me, Carl Whaley, is a vote for justice.

If you have questions or would like to share your ideas, please call me at 850-370-6197


  • Over 25 Years In Law Enforcement
  • Carrabelle Fire Chief
  • Seafood Festival Board Of Directors
  • Franklin County School Board Member


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